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It is our goal to recognize Princeton High School alumni that have distinguished themselves by their contribution in their field of work or study, to the Princeton High School Community and to society as a whole. By honoring these positive role models, we hope to provide ​inspiration​ to our current students on understanding the value of education and citizenship and the possibilities to which it may lead. The Princeton High School Academic and Career Hall of Fame is to recognize those who have demonstrated significant accomplishments based upon academic achievement, career accomplishments, community service, personal excellence and dedication to lifelong learning.


Each year, the Hall of Fame committee will induct new members during Homestead weekend.

Criteria Nominees will be recognized for a high level of achievement in a combination of:

  • academic endeavors
  • career excellence
  • service to community.

The nominee should also exemplify personal commitment to:

  • good character
  • scholarship
  • leadership
  • service within their field of expertise.

To be considered for this honor, each individual must have a completed application of Nomination meeting the following criteria:

  • Attended Princeton High School for four years
  • Graduated from Princeton High School a minimum of ten years before being nominated
  • Been recognized for a high level of achievement in a combination of academic endeavors, career excellence, and service to their community/state/national initiatives.
  • Consistently demonstrated personal commitment to upstanding character, scholarship, leadership, and service contribution within their field of expertise. Anyone may submit a nomination form. All nominations will be kept and can be updated at anytime.

The deadline for consideration is June 1 of each year.


The steering committee will provide input, personal knowledge of nominees, adherence to school policies and public appearance, make sure the nominees are good role models and good representatives of the school district, etc. Current steering committee members are not eligible to be inducted into the Princeton High School Academic and Career Hall of Fame while they are on the committee. They will be eligible to be inducted after they are no longer on the steering committee.


All members of the steering committee will be voting members. Steering committee members cannot vote on any immediate family members that are nominated to the Princeton High School Academic and Career Hall of Fame.


After each year’s deadline, all eligible nomination forms will be sent electronically to each steering committee member for review. The steering committee will then meet in June to review, discuss & vote on the inductees for that year.


The Princeton High School Academic and Career Hall of Fame Induction will take place during Homestead weekend of each year. This will provide the inductees with an impressive audience and will provide inspiration to our students to persevere in their goals and to achieve at a high level.




Dr. Jeffery Johnson

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