February Students of the Month!

  • Tim Lewis -So. – Mrs. DeVenney
    • Tim is a very good student who works diligently to be successful in his classes. He also gets along well with other students and is very welcoming to new students. He is quick to help students who need it and has a great sense of humor. Tim is respected by his peers and shows respect to both students and staff alike. He is a good role model for other students and an asset to the class.


  • Makenzie Borys – Jr. – Ms. Hall
    • Makenzie is always helping others in class. She is a fierce positive force and leads others in working hard!


  • Grace Eggers – So. –  Mr. Olson
    • Always doing what needs to be done. Always brings a positive attitude to herself and the people around her. Always working to her highest potential.


  • Audrey Thompson – Fr. – Mr.. Fredericks
    • I believe that Audrey Thompson is deserving of Student of the Month honors. Audrey comes to class with a positive attitude and willingness to learn. She takes suggestions (constructive criticism) well and asks questions when she doesn’t understand. She is also willing to help her classmates when they are struggling with the content. I consider Audrey to be a true team player. I wish I had more students like Audrey Thompson in my classes. I challenge Audrey to push herself academically and learn as much as possible. Keep up the great work, Audrey! 


  • Emiliana Gonzalez – Sr. – Ms. Gonigam
    • Audi is a hardworking student. She works diligently on assignments and in-class activities. I appreciate that Audi volunteers answers for our class discussions. Audi sits near a new student to our class and was very kind and welcoming to this new student.


  • Anna Lanier – So. – Mrs. Fetzer
    • Anna has done a great job in class so far this semester. She knows exactly what she needs to do and gets it done. She is always pleasant and polite to me and the other students in the class. I appreciate her good attitude and positive behavior in class.


January Students of the Month!

Jaden Eggers – Sr. – Mr. Olson

  • Jaden is a 100% dependable and reliable student and student leader, who does what needs doing and at a high level. He sets a consistently good example for those around him and exudes quiet confidence.


Morgan Bryan – So. – Mrs. Sayler

  • Morgan has recently shown leadership skills and positivity on two consecutive days in personal fitness. She encouraged other students in the class and also assisted her team in being successful. I was excited to see this side of Morgan and hope that Morgan continues to be a leader in class.


Casey Etheridge – Fr – Mrs. Fetzer

  • Casey does a great job in German. He works hard to always do his best. He asks questions when needed. He gets along well with other students and sets a good example for others. Keep up the good work, Casey!


Cayden Hansen – Jr. – Mr. Anderson

  • Cayden is a go getter. He is ready to learn every class. He is polite and generates a great learning environment at which everyone can participate in. His positive outlook makes him a joy to have in class and overall makes the class better overall. For those reasons I believe he is worthy of student of the month.


Sylvie Rutledge – Fr – Mrs. Nichols

  • Sylvie not only works hard, but also is always willing to help those around her. She is not afraid to think out loud and give an educated thought when asked. She is a great student and a good role model to her peers.


Christiane Sierens – Jr – Mr. Fredericks 

  • Chrissy always comes to class with a positive attitude. She has a solid work ethic and desire to learn. Chrissy’s performance in IVCC Dual Credit BIO 1001 is deserving of Student of the Month Honors. I consider Chrissy a leader during both lecture and lab activities. She is always willing to help her classmates who may be struggling with biological concepts. I am pleased that Chrissy made the decision to push herself academically. I encourage Chrissy to continue to learn as much as she can.


December Students of the Month!


  • Samantha Woolley – Jr – Mrs. Nichols
    • Samantha works hard in class to understand the material and perseveres through challenging concepts in class. When she understands the material, she helps her peers understand it as well. She is hardworking, kind, & a pleasure to have in class.


  • Aleaha Bice – Fr – Ms. Bosnich
    • Aleaha works hard in class every day. She has a great sense of humor and wants to do well. She consistently has improved throughout the semester! What a joy to have in class!


  • Jesse Wright – Sr – Mr. Foes
    • Jesse always carries himself as an outstanding student, a hard worker, and a self-motivated individual. He demonstrates an excellent work ethic, a high level of perseverance, and a great deal of talent. He is the type of student that does not quit, and has the ability to problem solve effectively..Jesse has always shown me the ability to set goals, prioritize them, and follow through on short and long-term standards. He is a definite self-starter and works as well in a group as he does on independent studies. Jesse is an excellent candidate for Student of the Month.


  • Korte Lawson – Jr. – Ms. Gonigam
    • Korte has shown great enthusiasm for learning geography. He has been asking important clarifying questions on his assignments and taking great care in the quality of his work.


  • Olivia Fox – Fr – Mr. Fredericks
    • I believe Olivia Fox is deserving of Student of the Month Honors. Olivia comes to class each day ready to learn. She greets me at the door with a “Good morning” and exits the class with “Have a nice day.” I consider Olivia a leader during both lecture and lab activities. Her positive attitude and willingness to help others makes her a great lab partner. I encourage Olivia to continue to challenge herself academically and learn as much as she can. Keep up the good work, Olivia!


  • Caleb Novak – Jr – Mrs. Judd
    • Caleb is a very polite and hard-working student. He is responsible, caring and just an all-around good person. He is a leader in the classroom and takes pride in helping others. Currently his grade is very high in Math 3. All his test scores have been near perfect. I feel Caleb would be an excellent choice for Student of the Month.


November Students of the Month!

  • Ian Morris (So) – Mr. Passmore
    • Ian is a true student-athlete who demonstrates what it means to put academics first. He does an outstanding job in my class. He is self-disciplined, hardworking, and willing to help other students. These qualities are present on the athletic field and in class. 


  • Ellie Harp (So) – Mrs. Nichols
    • Ellie works hard in class every day. She is committed to doing her best each and every day. She also takes time to help others if they need it. Her work ethic and kind nature is something all students should strive for.


  • Adam Windam (Jr) – Mrs. Foes
    • Adam has been working hard on all of his skills, which has resulted in a very successful school year. He advocates for himself and displays good accountability and responsibility skills. I am super proud of Adam!


  • Savannah Hollars (Jr) – Mrs. DeVenney
    • I have Savannah in both Accounting and Business Law. Savannah works very hard in both courses and has a high level of understanding in both. She has all of the qualities to be successful. Savannah is self-disciplined, hard working, willing to help others, and takes the initiative to work ahead and do the extra work needed to be successful. I enjoy having Savannah in class.


  • Ashley Richardson (Fr) – Mrs. Sarver
    • Ashley is a student in Spanish 1. Her current grade is outstanding which just shows how quickly she is grasping my class and the language itself! She is someone I can continuously count on to participate daily. Ashley has a positive attitude and bright smile always makes her presence so wonderful in my class. Ashley also takes it upon herself to take on additional leadership roles in my classroom. Daily, Ashley organizes my bookshelf full of book, changes my Spanish calendar. She truly is goes above and beyond what her normal classroom obligations are and helps me in more ways than I can count!


October Students of the Month!

  • Landon Davis (Fr) – Mrs. Sayler
    • Landon works hard every day in p.e. regardless of the activity. He sets a great example for other students in the class and is always willing to help in class. I am grateful to have Landon as a student in p.e. this semester.


  • Micah Hult (So) – Mr. Fredericks
    • Micah is very deserving of Student of the Month honors. He comes to class ready to learn and backs it up with an outstanding work ethic. Micah is one of the most upbeat and positive students I have taught during my 15 years at PHS. We have developed a great teacher/student relationship over the past 9 weeks in class. I truly enjoy being his teacher. Keep up the good work in BioAg, Micah!


  • Kyle Jaeger (Sr) – Ms. Gonigam
    • Kyle worked very hard on his recent essay submission in regional geography. Not only did Kyle put in extra effort for his own paper, but he also helped other students understand the assignment and documents. His leadership in the classroom during this past unit was very impressive.


  • Melany Arelleno-Garcia (Jr) – Mrs. DeVenney
    • Melany is great to have in class. She has a positive attitude and is very helpful to the other students. Melany is a kind and caring person. She works very hard in Accounting and gets along well with the other students. She almost always has a smile on her face and makes Accounting class more fun for everyone.


  • Chase Wright (Sr) – Mrs. Fetzer
    • Chase has done an excellent job so far this semester. I appreciate how well he pays attention in class. He asks questions as needed and responds appropriately to my questions. He is always polite and respectful to me and other students in the class. He works well with everyone. Keep up the good work, Chase!


September Students of the Month!

  • Heather Heider (Jr) – Mrs. Fetzer
    • I have really enjoyed having Heather in German I this year. Heather is polite and friendly. She always walks in with a smile on her face. She has done a great job learning and practicing German so far. Heather gets along well with other students and sets a positive example for everyone in the class. Keep up the good work!


  • Damarion Wilson (Jr) – Mrs. Simpson
    • Damarion is new to PHS, and he has embraced his new school whole heartedly. He does excellent work in English III. He turns in all of his assignments and tries his best. I am so impressed with his work ethic and his ability to communicate his ideas. He has also been dressing up for homecoming and really becoming part of the PHS community.


  • Cameron Adkisson (Jr) – Mr. Fredericks
    • I, Mr. Fredericks, nominate Cameron Adkisson for Student of the Month honors. Cameron has done an outstanding job in BioAg thus far this school year. Her, along with her partner, created a fantastic insect collection to kick off the school year. I am very proud of their effort. Cameron uses class time wisely and volunteers during class discussions. I appreciate her willingness to learn. I challenge Cameron to continue to learn as much as she can. Keep up the good work, Cameron!


  • Morgan Bartkiewicz (Jr) – Mrs. DeVenney
    • Morgan works very hard in class and participates actively in class discussions or small group activities. She is willing to help other students when they need it. Morgan is respectful to those around her. She comes to class prepared and with a positive attitude.


  • Eleanor Smith (Jr) – Ms. Philhower
    • Eleanor has been taking personal responsibility to get her work completed and turned in on time. She is making an amazing effort to be focused and ask for assistance as needed. She is quick to help others by sharing notes or materials. She has had an awesome first six weeks of school