Congrats to the first Student Council Staff Shout Out Winner, Abbie Cochran.  Abbie Cochran works at PHS in the guidance department as the school registrar.  She attended college at Western Illinois University and has traveled to Paris.  When she was a kid she thought she would be a marine biologist when she grew up.  Her most embarrasing moment happened in third grade when she threw up all over herself.  One thing that she can not live without is coffee.  She also likes sushi and her favorite restaurant is BASH in Ottawa.  Mrs. Cochran does not have a lot of spare time, but she does like to go to the movies with her two sons.   Her favorite movies are musicals or the Wizard of Oz.  When Mrs. Cochran is stressed, she works out.  Reflecting on her years as a student, Mrs. Cochran said she was a good student and never had a detention in her life.  Congrats to Mrs. Cochran on being named our first Student Council Staff Shout-out Winner.