Princeton High School’s staff does an exemplary job of maintaining an up-to-date and visually appealing website. Helpful links and articles abound to facilitate finding and distributing information. But how many of those links and articles have been written by students about issues that students are interested in? This is the question that I posed to my creative writing class this year. I challenged my students to find topics that interested them, research those topics, and present their findings. The following list of articles is the result of the students’ hard work. Enjoy.
Mr. Yepsen

Perhaps your teacher told you to stop disrupting the class with your pencil tapping; maybe your teacher told you to spit your gum out. This is your chance to teach them a little something about why they’re wrong. 


By: Jillian Cihocki, Mariah Hobson, Grace Mays, Nolan Shofner, Kailee Transou

Fixate, Focus, Fidget, Read the Full Article Here

Are you missing fall sports? 

Read about the impact felt by students and staff regarding Covid-19 restrictions.

By: Dominic Buchanon, Ethan Hassler, Isabella Mallery-Sondgeroth, Jocelyn Purvis, Adam Windham

Are you missing fall sports?, Read the Full Article Here

Do you have less motivation to attend online classes? You aren’t alone! Over 80% of your classmates feel the same way. 

By: Alicyn Bice, Claire Grey, Triston Lasson, Kaylee Pease, Chloe Starr, Isaac Whitford

Mental Health & Remote Learning, Read the Full Article Here

Many of us are wondering how is covid really affecting the schools and students since starting full remote with covid. We have done some research to find out how this is really affecting the students and teachers. The link below will bring you to our wonderful website with all the information you need.


By: Heather Elmore, Monica Lambert, Austin Sims, Collyn Walters

Remote Learning, Read the Full Article Here

Due to COVID-19, new school policies were created. How have these guidelines affected students’ grades? At first glance, they seem to be helping grades, but a deeper look reveals that what’s on the surface may be lying to you.

By: Kylie Ebner, Shawna Kierski, Cameron Moore, Abbie Schute, Kristin Transou

New Guidelines’ Impact on Grades: An Inside Look, Read the Full Article Here