Wyatt Workman recieves ImpactLife award

On behalf of ImpactLife, I am grateful for the continued partnership that we have with Princeton High School and I am
pleased to present the Impact Award to one of your graduating students.

We are honoring this student not just because he has done something great, but because has given something great. He
has given his time to bring hope, healing, and life to individuals he will never meet.

This person stepped forward to do something that less than 10% of the population does –that is donate blood. If you are wondering if you heard that right, the answer is yes. Over 90% of the population says no when it comes to blood donation, but he said yes!

Even more impressive is that he has donated over eight times since turning 16 years old. By reaching this milestone, he has had a hand in impacting more than 30 patients in need. For some of
the patients, the donations helped to extend their life by giving them extra time….while for others they were truly lifesaving.

On behalf of these patients, thank you for sharing in our mission and for being a part of this elite group. I hope you continue to step forward and make a difference as you move on to the next chapter of your life.

Please help me in congratulating our 2021 Impact Award recipient.

Wyatt Workman

Congratulations and best wishes for a bright future!


Amy Stahle
Donor Relations Consultant