Princeton High School announces Newest Member of the Academic and Career Hall of Fame

Princeton High School has selected Dr. Timothy Herrick to the Academic and Career Hall of Fame. Dr. Herrick will be honored on Friday, September 6th during a ceremony in which he will address the student body.

Dr. Herrick graduated from Princeton High School in 1975. After high school, he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Illinois and his Medical Degree from Northwestern University. Dr. Herrick also earned a Masters of Science Degree while a Fellow in Family Medicine at the Ohio State University.

After completing his medical studies in the United States: Dr. Herrick spent over 20 years in Africa as a medical doctor and received his certification in Tropical Medicine from the American Tropical Medicine and Health Society. While in Africa, he worked in rural hospitals, began a community health program in several villages, treated people living on city streets, and taught in a variety of settings.

Dr. Herrick is currently an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the Oregon Health and Science University, where he also works as a physician. Along with training students and residents he has particular interests in Travel Medicine and the treatment of Hepatitis C. He has two adopted children; Nick is a social worker and Sam a U.S. Marine. Dr. Herrick and his wife Joan currently reside in Portland, Oregon. They hope to finish their career back in Africa, and are planning to move to Mauritania in 2021.

More information regarding the Princeton High School Academic and Career Hall of Fame can be found by clicking here.