Staff Shout Out- Mr. Smiley!

Mr. Smiley

  • What’s your favorite story or memory you can think of about something that has happened in your time working here?
    • Working with Jacob. as a Para, reminded me of my college senior year working with a deaf student.  Both young men had qualities that most people do not have.  Jacob could glance at an algebra problem and have the answer right away.   My college student was classified as severely in need of help.  Once I had his hearing aids checked and found they were faulty his life changed forever.  Jacob is and will win his battle to fit in due to his great attitude and energy.  I am proud to have known him his senior year.
  • When you were in high school, what was important to you? Any stories/memories?
    • When I was in high school like today, the day is important, girls were important, war, Vietnam, was important.  Going to a Jr. College my first year gave me a new outlook on my life and being able to look to the future.  We did not have speech class in high school and I found I was very good at this, and later went to a teaching college to get my degree in speech, coaching, and Phys Ed.  I got a F in one class because I refused to do a  protest march against the Vietnam war.  Too many of my classmates and friends were over there and needed support.
  • If you could meet anyone you wanted, living or dead, who would it be, and why?
    • I have met several people in my career (hospitality) Elvis, Mickey Rooney, Tiger Woods, Dan Hampton, as well as many others.  My most memorable was Mr. Rogers in Evanston, as true a man in real life as on TV.  To meet someone living or dead?  A sister lost to breast cancer,  she was like a mother to me.
  • What are some things that you’ve noticed are different between high school now and high school when you went?
    • I often think of this as my first day and thinking I would smell the awful stench of fish sticks (from my high school days)  it was not so.  Thankfully this has progressed for the better.  The only real change is dress code, hair style, and of course in 1969 we had much better music!
  • What are some things you look forward to each year? 
    • Christmas and spending time with family, I have two daughters and several grandchildren.